Sunday, August 24, 2008

simpler times

I was once chatting with my friends. In the course of the conversation we started to discuss about our sweet childhood memories- the games we used to play, the TV programs we used to watch. Though we are from different locations, it turned out that everyone of us had played those games at some point of time in during their childhood. Looking back those games might appear lame and very childish, those were the times when we actually enjoyed our life and were happy with what we have.

Even though we have thousand rupee notes in our pockets now, I was much happier when i used to have 2 rupees coin in our pocket and go to school. Even though we have thousands of tv channels today, I still remember the times when we used to run from the school just to watch the last 5 mins of "ruturaagalu" - the first daily serial on DoorDarshan, when we used to bunk school just to watch "shaktimaan" , when we used to tune in every friday night to watch "Chitralahari". Now we have thousands of channels and all we do all day long is change the channels, browsing for some interesting program to watch and to avoid advertisements.

In these times of inflation and rat race for money, man is losing small happinesses. Inspite of having many luxuries and much more money, I can say for sure that I was much happy during my childhood. I cant say how much the kids of these days are missing. In the quest for ranks and grades, they are spending most of their time confined to the four walls of thier classrooms. They see the sunrise and sunset from the windows of their classrooms. I wonder how many schools have a playground.

I want to dedicate this blog to those simpler times that everyone of us had and list out what we are missing, and what the kids of the future are going to miss. In my future posts I will try to mention some of the games that we used to play during our childhood. I am sad to know that I had forgotten most of the games except the names of some. In my effort to recall those games , I will try to articulate and preserve those sweet games for the future generations.


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Sorry yaar, did not notice this before! Good start :-)
Write more!

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